Y5 – What Are We Learning



We are studying a range of texts linked to the Victorian era. These texts include Oliver Twist, Street Child and A Victorian Girls Diary 1871. During our study of these texts we will look at the features of diary writing, creating letters and newspaper reports

A guided read will take place each morning and during this session pupil will be working on their comprehension skills and understanding of a variety of text.




As part of our whole school target area, we will be largely focusing on the four operations of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Children will be then be provided with the opportunity to ‘show off’ their skills in our weekly maths problem solving lesson. We will aslo be working on our understanding of data handling such as mode, median, mean and range and fractions.


A times tables test will take place every Friday. Please ensure you practice these with your child at home.




We are looking at ‘Healthy Eating’ and the effects this has on our body. We will look at the different food groups we have in our daily diets. We will conduct a scientific experiment based on the effect exercise has on our heart.




Gymanstics will take place on a Wednesday. Within these sessions pupils will use the equipment to develop their balance and posture.

A further PE session will take on a Friday afternoon. This session will be taught by a specialist PE coach from Lord Derby.



Autumn 1: Our IPC this half term is ‘Champions for Change’


We will be looking at the different styles of government around the world and how effective these are.

In History we will look at previous rulers such as Queen Victoria and how there influence has changed the world we live in today.

In Society we will be finding out about global issues that should concern governments around the world.

In Technology we will create our own political campaign. We will have a special visit from Councilor Bill Weightman who will be setting our class a secret mission for the community! Watch this space…