Y5 – What Are We Learning

This term our IPC topic is Fairgrounds and we will be learning about

In Science, we will be finding out about:

what keeps our feet on the ground

  • about other forces that act upon us
  • how to identify and measure forces
  • how  forces act on everyday life
  • how to use electricity  as a source of power
  • about magnetism how  and why magnets work
  • how light travels and how we see
  • how sound travels and how we hear

In Technology we will be finding out about;


  • how to solve problems  to understand how every day objects work
  • how people use technology
  • how to design and make  models and games

In ICT we will be finding out;


  • how to use light and      sound sensors
  • how to use Ict to      control events

In International, we will be finding out about:

  • about fairgrounds and  theme parks in our host and home countries
  • how international agencies are helping energy efficiency and tackle the problems of noise and light pollution
  • about international aid agencies and their work