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It's official - we really are BRILLIANT!! Check out our OFSTED Report March 2017 in the Key Information section of the site!


Special Valuable People ...Successful, Visionary and Proud


 Attainment, Achievement & Progress at SVP:


We are always incredibly proud of our pupils and all that they achieve. Within school we celebrate the academic, social and personal achievements of children in weekly assemblies and at our annual Graduation event. We truly believe that our children are 'special, valuable people' and we are incredibly proud of them all!


Early Years:

We measure carefully the attainment and well being of our early years children upon entry to Nursery and using the Reception Baseline assessments produced by Early Excellence so that we can be sure that from their unique starting points our children learn all that they need to be successful learners. Analysis of this information, validated in an LA visit in October 2015 and May 2016, shows that all of our children make outstanding progress. GLD data in 2015 was below national averages due to 52% of the cohort being summer birthdays, progress however, from their relative starting points was outstanding. GLD Attainment for the academic year 2015/16 was strong; above local and national averages at 70%; a rise of 18.3% since 2015. 


Key Stage 1:

Children achieve well at Key stage 1 at our school, making good progress from their starting points and achieving broadly inline with their peers nationally across the curriculum. In 2014/15 87% of pupils achieved L2+ in reading; 100% in maths and 100% in writing. New, higher standards for attainment were introduced in the Spring of 2016; 66.7% of our pupils met this standard in reading which was broadly in line with local averages; 23.3% of pupils achieved greater depth in reading against a local average of 10.4% and a national average of 23.5%; 66.7% of pupils achieved the standard in writing, 6.7% achieved greater depth against a local average of 4.6% and in Maths 66.7% achieved the standard which was in line with local data but below national data. (72.6%) 10% of pupils achieved greater depth which is above local data. (8.2%) but below national (17.8%) 53.3% of our pupils met the expected standard at KS1 in R/W/M combined  which was above local data but below national data (60.3%)


Key Stage 2:


Our children and staff work incredibly hard across Key Stage 2 and have made strong progress, particularly in reading and writing.  In 2014/15 83% of pupils achieved L4+ in reading; 88% in writing and 71% in maths. 63% of pupils achieved L4+ in R/W/M. 


In 2016 58.3% of our pupils achieved the expected standard in reading; we currently have appeals for 3 pupils who narrowly missed the pass mark, should these appeals be successful we will reach 70.8%.  In Writing 87.5% of our pupils achieved the expected standard, which is above local and national averages. In Maths 58.3% of pupils achieved the expected standard and in GAPS 70.8% of pupils met the new standard. 


Whilst reading and Maths data remain below national averages the attainment gap between pupils at SVP and those nationally has continued to close and pupils have made good levels of progress and school scores are all inline with or above national expectations.


Progress Scores:

Curriculum Subject Progress Score
Reading -0.6
Writing +1.83
Maths -1.07


Average Scaled Scores:

Reading Writing Maths
100.2 N/A 100.1


Please note:

SVP opened in September 2011. In the period between 2011 and 2015 progress between KS1 and KS2 has been measured based on the average of the average point scores of the 2 feeder primary schools who closed in July 2011. This has made comparisons of progress from Y2 to Y6 at a national level difficult for the school & Raise Online / Dashboard Data unreliable.


Furthermore, since opening the school has proven to be a popular choice amongst parents and inward mobility has been high throughout KS2; again this impacts on the attainment profile of cohorts across the school. In the 2015/16 Y6 cohort 42% of pupils started at SVP in the summer term of Y4 or later.





Progress Overtime at KS1

Progress Overtime at KS1 1

Progress Overtime at Key Stage 2

Progress Overtime at Key Stage 2 1

GLD Data Overtime

KS1 Data Overtime

Key Stage 2 Data 2015


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