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Autumn Term


Welcome to Reception 



We are all very excited to start our new school year, making lots of new friends and having lots of fun engaging in playful learning experiences. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on building relationships within our class, learning our new routine and classroom rules. Once the children are settled we will start our teaching input sessions, these will include:



We will introduce the start of Phase 2 phonics looking at the first letters which are

s, a, t, p, i, n. We will link sounds to letters, match rhyming words, identify initial sounds and find objects which begin with a sound we have learnt. We will be identifying where certain sounds are in words such as the beginning middle or end. We will also look at segmenting and blending with our robot arms to help us read cvc words. 





We will be practising our number counting skills using lots of number songs, we will be practising our skills of counting out with 1-1 correspondence. We will be learning to recognise our numerals 0-10 and matching a given amount to the correct numeral. We will also be identifying 2D shapes in our local environment and learning some of their properties.





We will be practising our speaking and listening skills, we will be building confidence when speaking in front of a group. We will be reading familiar stories such as Rosie's Walk, We're going on a bear hunt and The Gruffalo,encouraging children to join in with repeated phrases, recall key events and draw characters from the stories we have shared as a class. We will also be looking at a range of non-fiction texts such as My Day and Autumn. 





Circle Time

During our circle time we will share children's achievements, sing songs/nursery rhymes and listen to a nice story to end our busy day at school.


You will receive regular updates of your child's learning experiences on Tapestry and through pic collages being sent home with your child. 


If you do have any questions or would like to discuss anything please come in and see us,

our door is always open.


We are really looking forward to another exciting year in reception.


Kind Regards

Mrs. Donohue