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Spring Term

Welcome to our Spring Term


We are all ready for another new and exciting term, we have lots of lovely learning experiences for us to engage with this term. We get to celebrate Chinese New Year, learn about the life cycle of chicks (getting a first hand experience observing them hatch), we get lots of coverage of changes in our natural environment and not to mention Easter, it's going to be a very busy and fun filled term consisting of lots of invaluable learning experiences.



We are now ready for the next phase of our learning, we will be moving on to our Phase 3 phonics. We will be learning more letters and digraphs to help support and extend our reading and writing skills. We have more tricky words to learn and will be playing lots of buried treasure games, practising our skills of identifying real and silly words. Don't forget to use the Jolly Phonics free app, it is a fabulous tool to help support your child's knowledge and understanding of their phonics.



We will continue our counting skills and explore our numbers from 0 to 20, looking at one more and one less than a given number and our skills of ordering our numbers. We will be having lots to fun with our Numicon, to extend and challenge our understanding of numbers and solving number sums including adding and subtracting single digits. We will also be doubling, halving and sharing different amounts in a wide range of activities. Other areas of learning will be focusing on will be learning about distance, time and money. We will continue to further our knowledge of 3D shapes and their properties.  




During our Literacy input we will be having a real focus on traditional fairytale stories, we will be using the story of Hansel and Gretal as coverage for our Talking and Thinking Floorbook. We will use our Literacy input time for more writing and communicational opportunities for our children. We will be encouraging lots of role play and story telling to enhance our love of reading and writing, we will be using Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing approach. The children will also continue their guided reading groups, each child reads with Mrs. Donohue once a week in a small group.


Circle Time

After a very busy but enjoyable day making lots of news memories in reception we will share our achievements, sing songs/nursery rhymes and listen to a nice story told by Miss. Miller. 


Please login to Tapestry on a regular basis to hear about all the wonderful learning and progress you child is achieving. You will also receive pic collages which will be sent home. You will receive your weekly information sheet to inform you of what we are learning each week, don't forget to support your child with their weekly our news your news challenge and their home reading.  


If you do have any questions or would like to discuss anything please come in and see us our door is always open.


We can't wait to embark on this new term in reception.


Kind Regards


Mrs. Donohue