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Our first week back after half term showed our attendance to be 94.5%. Please try very hard to come into school this term as we have lots of exciting things planned.


Special Valuable People ...Successful, Visionary and Proud

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher: Andrea Curran

Deputy Headteacher : Jan Smyth

Assistant Headteacher : Alex Borrill


Teaching Teams 2018/19

Nursery: Rachael Stock & Joanne Miller

Reception: Jenna Donohue & Kelly Johnson

Year 1:  Laura Leddy & Elaine Ambrose & Shelley Allen

Year 2: Susan Ashe & Julie Evans

Year 3: Sue Monaghan & Tracey Thain 

Year 4: Michael Gustafson & Tammy Burns

Year 5: Kate McCabe, Dawn Bow & Jo-Anne Talbot

Year 6: Alex Borrill & Amanda Travis

Inclusion Lead: Emma Hart

Designated teacher : Joel Fraser

Inclusion staff - Rachael Morgan, Marina Bravo, Michelle Croker



Office Staff

Julie Harrison -- Administrator

Lesley McAuley -- Administrator

Su Pugh -- Business Manager


Site Manager

Tina Rowson


Learning Mentors

Wendy Flexen -- Senior Learning Mentor

Jo Phillips -- Learning Mentor


Lunch Team

Liz Foster

Lyn Rix

Debbie Ryan

Sarah Spencer

Vicky Tripp