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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


  • Mrs Ashe (Class Teacher)
  • Miss Evans  



             Mrs Ashe

Mrs Ashe

Welcome to Year 2!
I hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are feeling refreshed and ready for the school year ahead.

This year we have lots of very exciting learning opportunities planned!


The class teacher is Mrs Ashe and the Year 2 teaching assistant is Miss Evans 


Our PE day is Monday and/or Tuesday this half term. Please ensure PE kits are in school with names on ALL items of clothing. These will be returned each half term.


Homework is given out on Friday and is due in on the following Tuesday. Your child will be sent home with a list of spellings to learn every Monday for an informal test on Friday. Please complete all homework in pencil.

Your child will have a set reading day when their reading book will be changed (one paper book and an online 'bug' book). Reading and spellings are very important aspects of learning. Please send your child's reading bags to school everyday along with their reading record book which has been sent home. We actively encourage you to read every night with your child, and please make sure to record any reading in the reading record.


Picture 1

The Year 2 Curriculum



We will be looking at  habitats this Autumn Term. We will investigate how animals have adapted to their surroundings/environment, animal life cycles and their habitats. 

We will also look at the affects of global warming on the polar regions.



Our texts for this term will be linked to our topic 'Where can I live?' (The Polar Problem). We will be studying 'Lost and Found' and 'The Emperor's Egg' as well as looking at information texts. We will be researching  penguins and the environmental factors that are affecting the polar regions (global warming).  The children have generated questions that they would like to study. 


We will continue to have daily phonics lessons.  


We will be focusing mostly on number this Autumn Term, consolidating their reading and writing of numbers to 100. We will be reinforcing their place valve skills and how to use these skills to order, add and subtract numbers. We will be counting in steps of 2, 5 10 and eventually 3 and be looking at creating number sequences and patterns.


Some numeracy skills need to be practiced regularly so the children internalise them such as number bonds for 10 or 20 (1+9, 2+8, 13+7 etc) , double facts up to 20 (1+1=2, 2+2=4, 6+6=12 etc) or subtraction  facts up to 20.(10-5=5, 7-3=4 etc) Counting in steps of  2, 5 or 10 as this help them learn their times tables.


R.E/ P.S.H.E.

We will be learning about religious festivals such as Hinduism and Christmas.  We will be looking at citizenship and the importance of looking after others and our local community.


We have drawn up our own class rules and throughout the year we will be learning about the importance of democracy and the Rights of the Child. Each week we will select an 'Act of Kindness'   that has displayed the values that are important to us; kindness, friendship, equality, inspiration, outstanding attitude, resilience or respect.



This term will be taking part in games. 

Please make sure you have your P.E kit in school

and that it has your name in! 


So as you can see it is going to be a really busy term and any support you can offer  will be greatly appreciated.


Autumn Term Curriculum Map