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School closes at 1.30pm on Wednesday 25th July - see you all again on 4th September !


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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3!


Y3 – Teacher / TA

Teacher : Mrs Monaghan

Teaching Assistant : Mrs. Ryland & Miss. Travis




We are really looking forward to seeing you back at school and have some exciting topics to learn about this term.


For the first half term we will be discovering a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets.

We will meet Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched

 a thousand ships.

We will explore Greece, where in pure blue skies, the sun scorches waxen wings and melts the fortunes of Icarus and Daedalus.



In Mathematics we will be looking at:


Number & Place Value

    Count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100; find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number   

   Recognise the place value of each digit in a 3-digit number (100s, 10s, 1s)

   Compare and order numbers up to 1,000

    Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations

    Read and write numbers up to 1,000 in numerals and in words

   Solve number problems and practical problems involving these ideas.


  Addition & Subtraction

   Add and subtract numbers mentally, including

a three-digit number and 1s

a three-digit number and 10

a three-digit number and 100

  Add and subtract numbers with up to 3 digits, using formal written methods 

   Estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operations to check answers

  Solve problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value, and more complex addition and subtraction



Animals including humans

We will identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat


We will identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.


The children will be researching information and carrying out a range of investigations, so keep an eye on Twitter and Seesaw to see your scientists at work!


R.E and P.S.H.E

In this half term the children will be learning about the Bible and how stories from the Old Testament are used to teach messages and lessons about the key values of Christianity.


In P.S.H.E we will be exploring how to develop as learners. Looking at how friendship and love can impact upon us. In addition to this we will be discussing our democracy and rights.



Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be

returned by Wednesday.


Please feel free to write any comments about your child's learning in their  reading diary.


Your child will get weekly spellings to learn and a reading book to share with you at home. Spelling tests take place every Thursday and  we will also have some times table tests or number bond tests too.


Please try to make time to listen to and share a book with your child each week as this is so important in helping their reading skills. It also helps their confidence and self esteem.



Important Information about our class:


P.E will be every  Wednesday and Friday and the children will need shorts, tee shirt and pumps. Please send their P.E kit in a labelled bag. 


Please label all your child's clothes as the uniform often gets mixed up.


Please try to get your child into the habit of bringing their school bag to school every day. 


They will need to keep their reading diary, spelling log  and reading book in it and  any school letters  can be placed in the bag so they don't lose or forget them.

Try and get into the habit of checking their bag every evening for information letters or messages.


If you have any concerns please speak to Mrs Monaghan and I will do my very best to help.


Thanks for all your support - it really does

make a big difference!