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Hello and welcome to the Crew 1 Home Learning page. Here you will find daily learning targets and activities.  Most of these activities have also been sent home as a paper copy as well as being available on SeeSaw. 


Please read the helpful information below:


Daily Learning Targets 

Please use the daily learning targets to keep on-track as well as to maintain a steady and balanced workload. Although it might be tempting to race through the activities, please remember that these should be completed as part of a range of activities at home, including, Apps (where internet is available) elements of free choice and breaks.



We will be following White Rose Maths for our maths lessons. These are the same as those taught in class. Children will have paper copies in their pack. The first two weeks are labelled 'week 1' and 'week 2' and the following weeks have dated sheets. The Daily Learning Targets sheet will also indicate which work is to be completed. Each lesson has a video to support the input and this will be posted on SeeSaw. Although there appear to be many sheets, usually this is due to the layout and there are only a maximum of 6 questions to answer in a session. You can use your judgment to complete fewer questions if needed. 



We will be following Talk For Writing units in english starting with Bob: the bubble who wanted to be useful and then Pippety Skycap: A tale of mischief!  Each unit has a supporting workbook. Daily Learning Targets will indicate which pages to complete on which day. There will also be video inputs provided on SeeSaw from 11.01.2021. 



As we are not able to access books in school we will be using a virtual library! Please CLICK HERE to log-in. Here you will be to find all of the books in school on your computer. Login details are on SeeSaw.



Activities in your Home Learning Pack will also be posted on SeeSaw along with regular updates, videos for phonics, handwriting, maths, assemblies and more. To be able to access the activities section, children must log-in to SeeSaw as themselves using the student log-in provided in your pack. You must NOT share this code with anyone else. 


When children are logged into SeeSaw as themselves, they can post messages and upload photographs of their work which teacher can then view and comment on. This is a really important tool for keeping us connected when we can't be in class together.

Families without SeeSaw have been given another invite in their Home Learning Packs.


How long should activities take?

Generally, in class children would spend no more than 15 minutes listening to an input and no more than 30 minutes at a time sat at an activity. Suitable breaks should be given. It is more effective to have a break after 30 minutes and return to an activity than plough on for extended lengths of time. 


Do activities have to be completed online / on SeeSaw?

No. You can complete them there if you wish, however most children will probably prefer to use the paper copies. There will be some activities which can be viewed on SeeSaw (for example, looking at images relating to our project) but work can be completed either on sheets or in the exercise book provided in your pack. 



Daily 20min interactive phonics lessons will be posted on SeeSaw. If you are unable to access this, a phonics activity booklet is included in your Home Learning Packs. 


What if the activities are too difficult or taking too long?

All of the activities are pitched to be suitable for Year 1. There are a number of extra maths activities in the pack as well as a phonics booklet. These can be used in place of maths activities if children are finding it too tricky. If you are finding that it is taking a long time to complete an activity, consider completing fewer questions instead. Week six will be used to consolidate and complete any work left over. 


Range of activities 

Children in class are use to having a range of learning activities which they rotate around. Therefore, once their daily lessons in maths, english and project have been completed, children should be able to choose how they fit handwriting, phonics, apps and other sheets in their learning pack into their day. 


Apps and log-ins 

Your Home Learning Pack will contain log-in details for the apps we use. Numbots is not currently working for us in school and so children haven't used this. However the details have been provided to start this at home.  


Further support and contact

Please message me on SeeSaw or phone the school for any support or if you have a question. I will monitor SeeSaw during school hours. On days when I am in the school building I might be unable to respond as quickly to messages/posts and so thank you for your patience. 


Suggested timetable

09:00 Handwriting (video available on SeeSaw daily from when packs are distributed

09:15 Maths (Sheets in pack, video on SeeSaw)

10:00 Break

10:20 Story (listen on BBC Audio, SeeSaw or read your own at home - details to follow)

10:40 Phonics (SeeSaw video and/or phonics pack)

11:00 English (Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful. Video input on SeeSaw)

11:45 Break / Lunch 

12:45 Project (via SeeSaw)

13:45 Choose activities including Apps. (log-in details in pack)

14:30 Crew Check-In (Zoom details on SeeSaw to be confirmed)