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On line safety

Please check on here regularly for any information we receive about current issues affecting children on line .




It is vital parents and carers are encouraged to actively monitor what their children are viewing online in order to protect them and also to ensure their child’s own behaviours are appropriate.


Parents and carers would be advised to watch the following short videos created in New Zealand:


Keep it Real Online - Bullying

Keep it Real Online – Grooming

Keep it Real Online – Parental Controls and Supervision


Parents and carers should also ensure ‘parental settings’ are in place not just on smartphones but also on any device that connects to the internet.


Merseyside Police recently shared the following message  with the whole community:


“We would strongly advise parents to be satisfied that they know who their children are engaging with, be that via social media or through gaming on Xboxes and PlayStation and want to raise awareness of the importance of setting parental controls on computers, games consoles and electronic devices to keep children safe, so they are not exposed to potentially harmful and inappropriate material online.”


Guidance about parental controls can be found here:


Internet Matters - parental controls

NSPCC – parental controls


The NSPCC have partnered with O2 to provide 02 Guru where parents can seek further practical advice.




Home Schooling Support: How to stay safe online

Sadfishing guide

Jessie & Friends - Keeping Safe Online

Ignore, Block, Report

Social Media apps can be a great way for children and young people to talk to friends, but cyberbullying is a growing issue that many children and young people face.


There are a few simple steps children can take to protect yourself themselves.


Most social media platforms allow you to block any comments and report and block profiles that are sending you negative or unpleasant messages.


When you block someone, it means they are unable to see anything you post, and you can’t see their profile, comments or messages either.


You can do this in the “settings” section of whatever app you are using. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask a trusted adult to help you.


If you’re being added into group chats that you don’t want to be in, block the numbers which are adding you and exit all the groups.


It can be hard but try not to get involved in the chats. Take screenshots of any hurtful messages instead.


Make sure you screenshot everything said to you before blocking anyone as you might need this as proof, to evidence what’s happening.


If you feel unsafe, always tell someone. Make sure you take these concerns to an adult you trust and let them know what’s been going on.


If you’re being threatened with violence, either online or offline, you should contact the police.


The most important thing is to not suffer in silence.


Consider Ignore, Block, Report when dealing with unwanted or hurtful messages.

Have a Safer Summer Online

Please take a look at the following articles to help your children stay safe online over the summer.

Parents Guides - Online Safety