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Our school attendance was 94.5% last week. Remember coughs and sniffles can be treated with medicine in school. Parents can bring medicine to the school office in the morning.


Special Valuable People ...Successful, Visionary and Proud

Puzzle Club


Puzzle Club


Every day @ lunch in Year 2 


Puzzle Club is the place to be for Maths and Fun!


Our Maths ambassadors have: 

  • Planned the games
  • Bought the goods
  • Written the timetable 
  • Planned the Ambassadors Ratio
  • Set up the games 
  • Keep up the hype
  • Made the adverts


Things People have said about Puzzle Club: 


'I love playing the special maths twister withy friends, we do maths and play' Ben y5


'My favourite thing is playing with the big ones and learning new things' Eve Y1





Fun! Fun! Fun!

Fun! Fun! Fun! 1
Fun! Fun! Fun! 2
Fun! Fun! Fun! 3
Fun! Fun! Fun! 4
Fun! Fun! Fun! 5