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Spring Term 3 and 4

Spring Term


This term we will discover the changes and consequences of WWII, leading us up to an exciting research project into the Huyton Internment Camp, G.I Camp and Prisoner of War camps. We will be Ising the ARK to research the archives and gaining an understanding of how how discrimination can lead to disastrous events. 

Knowledge Organiser WWII

Knowledge Organiser WWII  1

Our global goals this term

Our global goals this term 1
Our global goals this term 2

The Big Questions!


Is there ever a just war? Can war ever be justified? 


Should winning a war ever be celebrated? 


Is it fair that civilians and prisoners of war face consequences of nations decisions? 


Why is it not a crime to murder in the name of war?


Are some races and religions superior to others? 


Can good people do bad things? 


Could Hitler or a dictator like him take control today? 


Was it possible for Hitler to have had good qualities?  




Loops of Learning

Loops of Learning 1

Planning Overview

Planning Overview 1

Once Morris Gleitzman Trailer

Our Class Read