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Teaching Reading at SVP

The Simple View of Reading

The Simple View of Reading 1

At SVP we follow the principles set out in the Simple View of Reading Model. This demonstrates  2 priorities when it comes to learning to read, these are - 

1) Word Recognition

2) Language Comprehension


High quality phonics teaching is a vital component of this model. At SVP all children from Nursery through to Year 2 (and beyond if required) are taught phonics every day.

When is phonics taught?


Nursery - children in Nursery engage in phonics activities throughout the day , both in focused activities, in the routines of the day and when working in the provision with adults.


Reception - children in Reception have their phonics direct teaching input at 11.00am each day


Year 1 and 2 - children in Key Stage 1 have their phonics direct teaching input at 1.00pm each day 

How do we teach phonics at SVP?