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After a busy first term we hope that you all enjoy your break next week !


Learning Without Limits

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher: Andrea Curran

Deputy Headteacher : Jan Smyth

Assistant Headteacher : Alex Borrill


Teaching Teams 2021/22

Nursery: Jenna Traynor, Joanne Miller & Jan Smyth

Reception: Laura Leddy & Elaine Ambrose

Year 1: Susan Ashe, Julie Evans & Michelle Croker

Year 2: Joel Fraser & Dawn Bow

Year 3: Rachael Stock & Alvaro Cubero Moya

Year 4: Michael Gustafson, Beth Flexen & Carla Pariente Llonch

Year 5: Alex Borrill, Amanda Travis & Tracey Thain

Year 6:  Kate McCabe, Lesley Pile & Tammy Burns


Inclusion Lead: Emma Hart

Designated teacher : Joel Fraser



Office Staff

Julie Harrison -- Administrator

Lesley McAuley -- Administrator

Su Pugh -- Business Manager


Site Manager

Tina Rowson


Learning Mentors

Wendy Flexen -- Senior Learning Mentor

Jo Phillips -- Learning Mentor


Lunch Team

Liz Foster

Lyn Rix

Debbie Ryan

Vicky Tripp