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Year 4 Crew

Welcome to Year 4 Crew

Mr. Gustafson, Miss Bravo and Mrs. Morgan

Welcome to the Year 4 Crew page. It's been a turbulent six months and it's an absolute pleasure to hear the classroom buzzing with sound again. The crew page along with SeeSaw will be updated on a regular basis for quick access check out the crew blog at 


You will have received a letter about your child's reading day. Please ensure books are brought in on this because we have to 'quarantine' books for 48 hours once they are brought in.


Homework will consist of online sessions, a tracking sheet is sent out on Monday and needs to be back in school on Friday.


PE is on Wednesdays but for the first term we will be swimming.

Autumn Two Term- Vikings: Walking in the Footsteps of a Stranger.



Spring Term: When Forces Roar: A study of the Romans and Natural Disasters.



Summer Term: The Victorian Innovators

Term One and Two


Once In A Lifetime


Essential Question -

How can we take the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience of Covid-19, as our SVP starting point for making the world a better place?


Guided Questions-

What happened to me / us during Covid-19? What was positive / negative How does a virus start and how does it spread?
What other pandemics helped change the world?

Why was the NHS created? Who was the architect?
What did we learn, that we can use, to make our school / our community/ the world a better place? What makes Stockbridge Village successful or unsuccessful as a community?


Case Study 1:

The children study what happened to them. They will do this through poetry and letter writing. Together, we will allow the classroom to be a zone where children can air their frustrations. We will study the doctor Dr. Li Wenliang and answer the question: Is Dr. Wenliang a hero? We will work scientifically to work out how a virus spreads ad well as using geography skills to map the spread of the virus.


Case Study 2:

We will compare the COVID-19 pandemic to the Spanish Flu and Plague pandemics. Looking at how the world changed during these periods. Checking the different methods used to quell a pandemic through each period.


Case Study 3:

We will look at the furlough and free school meals vouchers during this period. Discussing food poverty and the importance of nutritious meals. We will learn about Marcus Rashford and his clashes with the government. We will also speak to out School Cook (via Zoom) 

about the food banks in our community and her volunteer work during the summer to help serve Stockbridge Village nutritions meals. We will encourage pupils to bring food into school for our food bank and we'll end by serving up a nutritious meal.


Case Study 4:

We will look at the spread of COVID-19 across the globe. Learning about the continents and countries. We will address and investigate which continents got hit with the virus first. The children will do this by building on their knowledge of continents from Year 2 and build a knowledge of countries within a continent.


Case Study 5: 

The children will learn about the importance of key workers and specifically workers from the NHS. The children will also learn about the foundation of the NHS and we will learn about Nye Bevin. We will link our ideas with Science by learning about how to help prevent the spread of the virus as to not overwhelm the NHS.


Case Study 6: 

We will take everything we have learnt and produce guidance on how to stop the spread of the virus by creating artwork based on Pop Art. In particular, the works of Roy Liechtenstein.


End of Project Presentation:

The children will produce a video based everything they have learnt. The children will use editing skills to help their video have a polished look. 



In our first term, we will be reading the Oliver Jeffers' book Here We Are. The book helps children understand their place in the world and how to live as a community and in harmony. Through the text, we will explore what has happened and how it has changed us and our world. During this period, we will explore poetry and letter writing. 




This term we will focus on number: place value, addition and subtraction. Along with our daily Maths lesson we also have a number sense lesson three times a week.