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We hope that you all have a happy summer holiday , see you on the 4th September !


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Year 4

Welcome to Year Four


Teachers: Mr Gustafson & Mr Fraser

Teaching Assistants: Miss Burns & Mrs Morgan



The Victorians: Innovators


In our final term our learning journey will revolve around The Victorians. The Victorian era was an exciting period of social and economic change. We will look at society at the time of Queen Victoria's birth. The children will have the opportunity to decide if this was a just and fair society to all. 


We will explore the work of the Chartist movement and how the Chartists tried to create a society where the common man had a voice in society. The children will decide if society at this time was a true democracy.


We will look at migration during this period from the country to the growing industrial centres and how innovations in transport led by innovators such as Stephenson and Brunel helped different modes of transport flourish.


The children will learn about the invention of the radio and the introduction of electricity and how communication helped change the country during this period. We will learn about electric circuits and the children will have the chance to design and build their own.


In the midst of all this learning the children will compare and contrast the 19th century with the early 21st century. They will try to imagine their life as a 19th century child!

Marvellous Maths

This term, our main focus will be on fractions and decimals. We will allow the children to compare the two making important links. Fractions and decimals will build on work we have undertaken on the four operations as these will be vital for the children and their understanding.



Supporting your child at home


To support your children with maths at home please help them learn their times tables facts. The secret to success is practising little and often. Can you practise your times table facts while walking to school or during a car journey? You don’t need to practise them all at once: perhaps you could have a fact of the day.


We love finding maths all around us so please look for maths links in everyday tasks such as cooking times when using the oven, temperature, prices at the supermarket, bus and cinema times, dividing up sweets (our favourite!) and many more.



Useful maths websites for children

Picture 1
Picture 1

The Victorians Knowledge Organiser

Some other important points:


· Homework out on a Friday and returned the following the Wednesday. Homework will be spellings, timetable or division work and to learn the facts from our knowledge organiser, as well as reading daily(reading records are collected in on a Thursday).



· Spelling tests are on a Tuesday and times table tests are on a Friday.


· Make sure reading records and books are in every day.


· Ensure that your child has a water bottle in school.


· Ensure that all items are clearly labeled.


If you have any further questions, please write any comments in your child's reading journal or make an appointment at the school office to meet with one of us.


Warmest Wishes


Mr Gustafson, Mr Fraser and Miss Burns

Natural Disasters Knowledge Organiser

Roman Knowledge Organiser Term 4

Maths Overview