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After a busy first term we hope that you all enjoy your break next week !


Learning Without Limits

Year 5 Crew

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Class Teacher: Miss McCabe

Learning Coaches: Mrs Pile and Tammy 





We follow a mastery maths curriculum and use White Rose Planning resources.



To support children with their learning we will build on the following approaches:

Concrete – children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing.

Pictorial – alongside concrete objects, children should use pictorial representations. These representations can then be used to help reason and solve problems.

Abstract – both concrete and pictorial representations should support children's understanding of abstract methods.


Times Table Practice- Year 5 children are expected to know all of their multiplication tables up to 12x12. This should be practised regularly at home through the use of our school app TT Rock Stars.







Please read with your child regularly, they are receiving special class rewards and House Points for reading regularly at home. You must sign in your child's Reading Record for them to receive the awards. Reading at home supports greatly with comprehension skills and will support with assessments at the end of the half term and throughout the year.

Advice for reading - Talk about the text with your child. What do they think will happen next? Which characters do they like or dislike? Look at language and description and how punctuation is used.



Your child will be given their weekly spelling list every Monday and the test will take place the following week. Please ensure your child is learning their list, we would like to see spelling scores increase this half term. The lists given will feed into final assessments at the end of year and are very important.


Children can further support their spelling understanding using Spelling Frame, passwords have been given out. 



We are focusing on developing our team skills this term through our rounders lessons. P.E lessons are on a Thursday morning.


Autumn Term Project


Essential Question: How can we make this 'once in a lifetime' experience of Covid-19 a positive one? 


Guided Questions: 

How does a virus start and spread? 

How did the pandemic have a positive impact on the environment? 

What other pandemics have occured and how did we survive these? 

What have I learnt about myself and my community? 

How important is the NHS?


Our first project is dedicated to learning and reflecting on this 'once in a lifetime' moment in history. We will focus on the where, how and why? How the world has coped and survived with previous pandemics, such as The Great Plague and The Spanish Flue. Throughout this project, we will focus on the three mains themes of 'Helpers and Heros, Acts of Kindness and Your New Normal.'

Our final presentation of learning will be to revisit the campaign set up by The Duchess of Cambridge.  We will then create our own National Portrait Gallery in our classroom.


Spring Term Project

Climate Control; Can small changes make big differences?

In this project the children will be learning about the historic, and current environmental threats to our planet; climate change, pollution, deforestation, heatwaves, flooding etc. They will also be learning about our place in space, and develop their understanding of the planets and the impact of the sun on the Earth.



Summer Term Project

The Legacy of the Ancient Greeks 

This term, Year 5 Crew have been learning about the legacy of the Ancient Greeks and the impact they still have in our lives today. The children have immersed themselves in learning all about Greek gods and myths, architecture, and democracy. They have taken part in their own debates and have linked their learning to current affairs, particularly the recent General Election.

We will be making links with a school in South Africa and collaborating with them to share ideas on how to make the world a better place. 




Useful maths websites for children

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Year 5 Maths Overview Planning

Year 5 Recommended Reads

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